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No Credit Check Homes

Frequently Asked Questions


I'm on the website of the homebuilder that I like. How do I get the link to the home information to enter into the application?


How do I get the total cost of the home?
Search the home builder's website to find their number and email address. Call and email the company until you speak with someone who can give you a quote. This may take multiple calls or emails.

Will you check my credit?



Can this new home be my primary home?


Can this new home be a rental property?


How is the Freedom Savings Account being increased?
Your savings account balance is being traded each FX trading day on your behalf. 


Are applicants required to open a freedom savings account before they receive the home builder contract?


Why is the saving account required?
The savings account is a strategic move to ensure that our new homeowners can pay for their new home. We seek new homeowners who understand money. 

1. If depositors can afford their $20k down payment, they can surely fund their $300 savings account.
2. Depositors can invest at many levels, so the strategic move would be to at least deposit enough cash to receive the cost of their monthly home note.  
3. Savvy depositors can also deposit more than the minimum to ensure that they have cash to pay their auxiliary bills, for instance their HOA fees, utilities, internet access, etc.

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