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Jade Link Intital Logo 2004
Jade Link Logo 2004
Jade Link Logo 2016

About Us

Jade Link is a Business Consulting Agency that is focused on
expanding and empowering businesses.

We have grown and changed since our inception in 2004
and can relate to the many

changes that business can and must endure.  
We start, develop, and advise businesses in
every stage of the business cycle. 

Our Cornerstone
The cornerstone of the Jade Link Consulting practice is our ability to bring a blend of faith, professionalism, technical qualifications, and value to every task and assignment. We are sensitive to the many constraints that our clients may experience and we endeavor, at all times, to provide the highest level of professional service to each of our clients, without discrimination.  
Guiding Principles
We value our clients as partners and strive to exceed their expectations.
We approach our practice with honesty and integrity.
We commit to sound professional consultant interactions and practices.
We commit to stable, fulfilling, long-term, sustainable,
scale-able practices for our executives and partners.

We promote having a balanced lifestyle- balanced between
faith and works.

We focus on reinvesting in our organization, people, and community.

Jade Link Values Statement
We will embrace and adhere to the following values:

We believe that every individual has a specific purpose and encourage everyone to find it and explore it.
We will conscientiously strive for excellence in our work.
We value providing an environment that is welcoming and responsive to students, graduates, and employer partners.
We value integrity and business transactions that are of high levels of integrity. 

We value the demonstration of responsibility and accountability.
We respect other people's ideas, suggestions, and their property.
We encourage, support, and employ creativity and out-of-the box thinking to get things done.

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