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Elmore Bryant Documentary 
Video Submission Protocol

Take a moment to read this entire page before you begin.

Thank you for you willingness to volunteer your time to contribute a video to complete a documentary on the life and work of Mr. Elmore Bryant. He appreciates all of your love and care throughout the years.

We filmed live in-person interviews on December 23rd and 24th, but now are only receiving remote videos at this time. 


You can submit your video contribution if you submit your video own personal video.

Three easy steps!
1. Read the questions/ prompts below. 
2. Record your video following the instructions below. 
3. Submit on or before January 9, 2020

1. Questions/ Prompts 

Read through all of the questions and instructions before you begin to record. Read and re-read, if necessary. 

Be mentally prepared to spend 2-3 minutes on each reply.

*If you can, please develop a paragraph that answers

all of the questions in a logical sequence.

Yes, it's ok to take pauses or breaks between sections.
Just make it an intentional (long) break. *

Answer the question/ respond to the prompt in a complete sentence. 

For example, "What is your name and what do you do?"

Your Response: I'm John Smith- I work at a button factory, as a hole puncher. I love my job- I have lived here in Jackson County all of my life. 

Questions/ Prompts
A. What is your name and what do you do? (If retired, what did you do and for how long?)
B. How long have you (did you) lived (live) in or around Jackson County?
C. How did you meet Mr Elmore?/ How did your life overlap with Mr Elmore's life?
-His School Aged Life If so, talk about that. 
-His College Years? If so, talk about that.
-Was he your teacher? If so, talk about that.
-Was he your coach? If so, talk about that.
-Did he own a business and you saw him there/ worked for him/ worked with him? If so, how was that?  
-Did you know him though:  
... Politics? If so, talk about that.  
... Community? If so, talk about that.  
... NAACP? If so, talk about that.
... Church life? If so, talk about that.

D. What is something that you saw that happened that (was):                                                                    
Funny/ Unbelievable/ Sad/ Otherwise demonstrated his character


E. A Thank You Video 

If you'd like, record a second video that is 30-seconds or less that says thank you to him for his work, pls record this and submit it as well.


2. Instructions

A. Use the Landscape Orientation of your phone

Many people just say, turn your phone side ways, lol. See the diagram below. 

B. Look at the camera

Look towards the camera when you are recording, relax the muscles in your face and shoulders. Sit back and sit up straight.

C. Camera Settings
Ensure that your camera settings are on the highest quality available.

D. Distance

Keep camera at least 2' away from your face while you record
But NOT more than 3 feet.


Be sure that you are positioned in the center of your camera screen before you began to speak.

E. Think it through

Speak clearly and be sure to answer each question- stay on topic.

F. Background
Be sure that there are no moving objects in your background. In addition make sure that you are not moving during your recording.

G. Light
Make sure that you have excellent lighting on your face and your background: sufficient to clearly see and identify your facial features.

H. Sound
Before you begin, make sure that you are in a cool or warm and quiet environment where there is no vehicle or foot traffic, no folks talking or laughing nearby, no radio or TV noise.

Place your phone on airplane mode to ensure that your recording does not get interrupted. 

I. Review 
After you've finished, watch your video once or twice to make sure that:
_ You were in the center of the screen
_ The lighting is excellent
_ The sound is clear
_ The relevant questions were answered


3. The send off


Click here!

Again, thank you for making his dream become a reality!

Overflowing blessings to you and yours!

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