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Organize. Strategize. Globalize.

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We Specialize in Strategic Partnerships, Marketing, &
Process Automation




Process Automation


We want

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Business Services

All of our business services

fall into one of three categories.


We create and foster

strategic business partnerships 

to facilitate your business affairs!


We analyze your service or product and create

a sales and marketing plan to yield the

highest ROI for your marketing efforts. 


We use AI, Automation,

and API to

make your life easier!

Our Stats


Kelly Francis

Kelly Lee

Jade Link completed a trust for me.

It was 6-hour process, but it's fully completed now.

I have my banking account open with the proper checking account institution,

and it's ready to receive deposits!

I'm really pumped!

Shawn Meeks

Rashawn Meeks

I give Jade Link Consulting

5/5 Stars!!

Very professional, informative,

and responds very quickly.

Overall, I would recommend Jade Link

to friends and family!


* Family Trust

Our family got our trust a few years back! We are able to protect our assets and avoid inheritance, capital gains, income, and estate taxes!


Feeling Happy and Grateful!


George Lee

I got a trust from Jade Link, attended the trust course, and then starting making my financial plans!
I really appreciate that they sent me a list of notaries to get documents notarized- they paired me with 3rd party would serve as my trustee, help me sort out assets for my beneficiaries and avoid various types of conflict of interest.

Definitely worth my investment.


Jenny Beau

I got a trust from JL then, I and was able also join the Trust 101 Course.

There is so much information that is not shared with the public, but needs to part of public school education. 

I'm excited to learn and grow in this world to provide a path to wealth for my children and grand children!


C* Trust

The directors of JL helped our family get our trust sorted out and at a HUGE discount.


It was timely and helpful to all of us!


Would definitely recommend their services to anyone on the path to protect their assets- I promise you'll learn alot!


Daniella H.

Jade Link completed a full business presentation for my family- we are creating generational wealth.

Later, I got a trust and also attended the trust course, which was super helpful and enlightening. There was plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get clarity! 

I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to protect their assets and pass them on to future generations!

I was paired with a trustee, which saved me a lot of time and energy- no wasted time finding someone who I can trust- no pun intended- I am grateful!


Coach P

Jade Link's Trust class provided an amazing experience. The trainer's excellent guidance made the sophisticated process easy to follow step by step. 

More specifically, Michel's patience, teaching style, insights, and depth of information guided my comprehension and understanding of Trusts. 

I completely recommend this class to everyone. For

me, her facilitation went beyond teaching to immersing me in a world of greater knowledge and empowerment.

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